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Ok. So by now you know that I am writing a book. You know that it is a fantasy novel. That it includes action, a smidgen of romance, and a whole lot of world building. But many of you know absolutely nothing about the story line. Today, I am going to rectify that.

Today, I present to you a blurb of my novel (only writers would come up with a term so ridiculous).

Picture this on the back of a beautiful, newly printed, perfectly creased cover of a hardback book, slightly embossed ebony script, simply yet elegantly penned with the ink of a scribe. I can almost feel the weight in my hands now, the scent of freshly pressed paper, the slightly dinged-up corners of the dust cover that are impossible to keep unmolested.

Now for the real question…..

Do you buy the book, the glimpse you have received into its pages an inescapable temptation? Or do you put the book back on itself with a yawn, never to cross your mind again?

Tell me! I promise I have tough skin (Or if I don’t, then I sure as heck need to start reinforcing it), and would love to hear your thoughts! I am still many miles away from publishing this, and need as many opinions as I can get.

With that being said, I present to you…. The Revenant:

Salir is a land abandoned. A world left ravaged by a hundred year war between the gods, one their redeemer, the other their master, their magic-fueled battles devastating the land and the peoples within it. Kaldesh, a merciful and powerful god, along with his army of supernatural Enforcers, emerged victorious, emancipating Salir and its inhabitants from the oppressive control of Cassimir, slaying the evil god with one final world shattering blow.

Kaldesh, mortally wounded, left Salir to return to his home, promising to come back to restore the broken land, once his power had been regained, his army of Enforcers remaining to ensure justice and protection. That was over a hundred years ago, and still the people wait. Its twelve cities, living in precarious symbiosis, unity vital to the survival of them all.

Though long dead, Cassimir’s followers remain, his Revenant. Invincible, inescapable, and bent on re-establishing dominance over Salir before Kaldesh’s arrival. They seduce its people with promises of infinite power. The price for such treason, death.

Young lightning farmers, Talvenesh Dikari and Kyla Bealash, innocent and untried, leave their home of Shaharith to travel the twelve cities with unadulterated purpose, to rid the land of the Revenant once and for all. Him to defend the life that he loves, her to escape from all that she has ever known.

But their time is running out. Salir is dying, and its people along with it. Yet still, the people wait. Wait and pray for their god to return, for if he doesn’t come soon, there will be nothing left to save.

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  1. Wow, Rachel! Sounds captivating. It’s so fun to see your back page “blurb”; and I agree, that really is a funny term for such a riveting snippet. I think movies are spoiled with their trailers. But there’s nothing like holding a brandnew hardcover book in your hand, and heading home with a longing to open that first page and to read it till the end. Love and blessings to you sweet friend. I’m excited for you to become a genuine real-life author. Remember me when you’re famous!

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  2. I would read it, but to be honest, it wasn’t until I got to the very end that made me want to read it. I love the world building and the last two paragraphs caught my attention the most, but the beginning was a little confusing to me with the sentence structure and commas. I would reword some of it and restructure and reorder the paragraphs (which if you want more detailed feedback, feel free to email me :)). It still makes me super excited to see what you do with your story!

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  3. I would totally read the book! But if I’m being honest, it wasn’t until the last two paragraphs that made me decide it would be worth giving a shot. I do appreciate the world building and the possibility of adventure, the first couple paragraphs are kind of confusing in their wording and structure for me (I get distracted when there are lots of commas). Plus if I did not already have a little bit of background on the book itself I don’t know if the information provided would be enough to keep me interested. I would suggest some rewording and restructuring and I am happy to go into more detail with that in email or in person. This makes me excited to see what else you have coming! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sylvia! I agree with you, and in the next edit, I will be sure to call you for your help. I definitely do not want it to be confusing or hard to read….. I would put that book right back on the shelf! Hahaha I do not want to have to work to be interested.


  4. Yes, the cover is the most important thing to catch my eye to look upon it, grab it, then read the back cover to see what it is about. Your blurb wants me to rad more!

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  5. I love your style and I’m already intrigued. I’m looking forward to reading your book – I want to know how lightning is farmed!
    Keep writing! You’ll get there!!


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