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Life, Faith, and Writing. This blog is an exploration and an examination of the truths I have discovered while undertaking the journey of writing my debut fantasy novel. Its purpose is to uplift, inspire, and always encourage, hopefully challenging you to think outside of your daily routines and compel positive actions in your life. I welcome writers, and non-writers alike, although I have come to learn that there are closet composers inside all of us.

Currently, I live in BZ Corners, WA, amidst the trees, the deer and the quiet. My writing projects include the ever daunting YA fantasy novel, this blog, as well as quarterly articles for Western Seminary’s Women’s Center for Ministry Newsletter.

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Here is my story:

I am a reluctant writer.

Writing has, from the beginning of my life, been a discomfort. Its open-ended, subjective guidelines like Kryptonite for a rule-lover like me. Beauty in words was a thing to be admired, and enjoyed, but never personally created.

In school, it earned me nothing more than C’s, blinking cursors on blank computer screens, and tear-stained college-ruled notebooks. Oh and anxiety. Stomach churning, daily trips to the nurse’s office anxiety.

Nothing in my life has ever made me feel so low, so inadequate, so worthless. So, imagine my shock when I was suddenly inspired to write a book.

It began as an idea, a world whose genesis began as a wonderful thought, but didn’t stop as most wonderful thoughts often do. It grew, all the pieces of the world forming and fitting together, magic and history imagined to life as if they were always meant to be. Characters were born, for what is a world without conscious life to enjoy it, experience it, and destroy it.

Still, it remained nothing more than a vivid dream, caged inside my own imagination. Slowly, it outgrew its cage, my mind no longer capable of containing it. It had to be written. I know that sounds silly, but nothing else could explain why I, coward of composition, would not only willingly undertake it, but eagerly.

It consumed me.

Physical therapy was my field, a comfortable world of biology and human physiology, where guidelines and expectations were rigid, a world with no other outcome for me but to flourish and excel. Writing was like the wind, ever changing, ever challenging, and ever threatening to slip through my fingers, leaving me tumbling into the unknown.

Writing fueled my heart.

Then one day, God spoke. You see, I had been praying about this book, asking the Lord if I should pursue this wild dream, forsaking the safety and surety of a full time job. I prayed day after day, desperate for an answer, hoping and trusting that He would guide me according to His will.

He spoke through a visiting pastor, a man that I had never met, never spoken to, who had come to teach us how to be effective leaders in the church. He offered to pray for all of us who were there, offering individual encouragement over our lives. When he got to me, he stopped, and asked me a question:

“How often do you write?”

I was shocked. He knew nothing about me, let alone this secret writing venture I held close to my heart.

“A lot,” I replied.

“God told me that He wants you to write a book, a Tolkien-esk fantasy novel, that will speak His truths.”

I was nearly knocked off my feet.

I know that many of you do not believe in God, or if you do, you do not believe that He speaks, or is any way active in people’s lives. But, I do. He has spoken to me many times over my life, and the fact that He would care enough to answer my prayers in such a personal way, never ceases to humble and astound me.

I chose to trust him.

Now my life looks very different from what I had ever expected. I work part-time at my church, Covenant Hood River, serving as their front-office administrator, planning outreach events, and supporting current and upcoming ministries. The rest of my time I devote to writing.

I have found my calling. It is unconventional, as of yet, not incredibly lucrative, and the most challenging thing I have ever done. Yet, I have never been happier. Thank you for following me along this journey, and supporting me with your kind words and encouragement. I hope that this blog helps you discover your purpose, or if you already know it, inspire you forward.

God Bless!





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