Dream Without Limits

I love asking my husband questions like, “what would you do if you had unlimited money?”

If you could take any trip, any at all, no limitations on time or finances, what would you do?

He comes up with the most extravagant, most creative, most impossible answers. He is a dreamer. Asking him the typical questions such as “what would you do with a million dollars” is essentially worthless. They are too minute for him to have fun even creating scenarios.

He is that way naturally, and the best part about it, is that he believes such things are possible. That making a million dollars is a small dream, and not only possible, but highly probable.

His dreams are infectious.

My book is tainted with him, veins of extravagance weaving into the practical. I often run into problems in the story, holes that need to be filled, the way from point A to point B a haze of impossibility. One minute with Caleb and a brilliant solution is crafted for me, one that is both profound and realistic.

I have learned humility in this writing journey, for my book is not a final product of me, but the collaboration of unique giftings around me. Sure, I sew the pieces together, put in the hours behind the computer, but the reason this book will succeed is because of family. Because I am not too stupid to recognize that I am limited, everyone is. But in my limitations I have seen an explosion of strength in others around me.

The amount of support I have received in this journey has left me stunned, humbled, and with a heart so full and light it will carry me straight to a publisher with utmost confidence. Who could want more, but a community of people willing to go out of their way, to sacrifice their precious time, to help realize your dream?

Dreams are contagious, but also fragile.

I doubt, I fear, I stumble,and then someone grabs my hands and thrusts me forward, unwilling to let me give up on my dream. And when I can’t, my husband believes in my dream for me.

And not just him:

My mom

my dad

my sister (and Danny)

my mother-in-law

my father-in-law

my sister-in-law (and fabulous editor)

My brother-in-laws

My writing group

My friends

My boss

My coworkers

My other sister (Kelly)

My church family

My husband’s high school English teacher

My cousins

My uncles

My aunts

My grandparents

My dad’s church

My God

I am not afraid to dream, because you all do it for me. Thank you, this book belongs to all of you.

6 thoughts on “Dream Without Limits

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  1. Oh my!
    Humility is the realization that we gain nothing by ourselves, but only because others invest, carry, and love us.
    God gives us grace when we realize it is not merely our own talent that grants success, but the gifts provided by him and others.
    How precious are those gifts!


  2. Dreaming together is much more fun than Adventuring solo… Besides we have enough contagious visionaries in our midst to make for the wildest of adventures. That being said none of us would get to be part of your creation if you hadn’t been brave enough to say YES! We are very proud of you!


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