Though the blogging has been paused, the writing has not stopped!

Thank you for your support over the past several years as I have explored many different writing avenues, stretching myself and this new-found gift that God has given me. Writing has brought me deep fulfillment, a fulfillment that I thought could only be brought through achievement. Instead, fulfillment came only when I surrendered my pride and submitted myself into a partnership with God. A partnership with two goals:

Goal One: To do what God asked me to do….write.

Goal Two: To help others hear what God wants to say to them.

You have been incredibly encouraging along this journey, this encouragement is my fuel in times of doubt and discouragement. Thank you for being my energy when my tank was empty!

Now it is time for THE ANNOUNCEMENT!

I am self-publishing two children’s books: “What Makes a Boy” & “What Makes a Girl”.

These books emerged out of a vision by Isaac Bell, my husband’s cousin and outstanding graphic designer (only one of his many talents). His desire was to create a series of children’s books for the new generation in our family. These books would help teach our children the absolute truth about themselves & the world. An absolute truth defined by God alone.

A vision I could ABSOLUTELY get behind.

The more we explored the idea however, the more we realized the need for these books outside of our own family, expanding the original vision. The new vision is to create and make available these children’s books to everyone.

“What Makes a Boy” & “What Makes a Girl” were written to help children find their true identity. The identity is this: that they are fearfully made and completely loved by God just as they are.

If our children could even begin to grasp just how deep God’s love for them ran, and if we parents could begin to view our children through God’s love and not our own desires, our children would not need to create an identity for themselves, but instead confidently accept who they were created to be… LOVED.

Status of the books:

Both books are fully written and sent off to beta-readers for editing!

Illustration of “What Makes a Boy” is currently at 60% completion

Illustration of “What Makes a Girl” is currently at 0%, however, the vision for the illustrations are well underway

Printing quotes have been requested

Distribution Plans:

We have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the printing of both books. Details are TBD so keep your eyes on your email if you would like to know more!

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