In My Father’s Arms

I am but a child

A babe in my Father’s hands.

Flailing arms, slave to my own reflexes,

unsure of my own mind,

unsure of anything but need.

I need comfort.

I need sustinance.

I need…

I kick and tilt and fall,

crying out, I scream.

My lungs are full, they are all that work within me.

Help me, they say.

Help me…

Help me who?

Help me Father!

Catch me Father.

I feel a pat on my back, a stoke on my brow,

but my needs are too great…

too late.

I arch and I sob,

the pain is too much, help too far.

My mind, it screams.

I hear my Father, a whisper between my cries,

I’ve got you.

You are safe.

But I am not safe, can He not see?

Does He not hear my cries?

I yell louder, trying to make Him understand.

He hugs me, but I fight,

my body out of my control.

I must make Him see,

I am drowning, falling, starving.

The world is too much for me.

Trust me, He whispers.

I’ve got you.

He hasn’t got me.

I cry.

I scream.

I fight.

Help me Father!

I’ve got you.

Help me Father!

I have always been here.

Help me Father!

I will always have you.

I sleep.

I will always be here.

3 thoughts on “In My Father’s Arms

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    1. He is doing so well! We are deliriously happy. He loves the outdoors, sleeps super well, and eats constantly. His little smiles kill me! I hope you can meet him soon!


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