The 24 Nights Before Christmas

Hello Everyone!

The Kindle version of my first publication, “The 24 Nights Before Christmas” is now available for FREE on Amazon until this Saturday 11/28. If you haven’t read it yet, please snag your copy and tell your friends! If you have read it already, I would love it if you could write a review or simply give it some stars on Amazon!

This year has been especially trying for all of us. With the holidays coming up, the weather changing and our lives in constant flux, it is easy to sink into depression, anxiety, and fear. My book is a compilation of 24 personal stories and daily challenges designed to fight against these overwhelming feelings. Hopefully they will encourage your mind to take a look at itself and to turn its focus to things that are pure, lovely, and hopeful.

Don’t suffer alone, because you are not alone in your suffering!

Thank you all for your faithful following on this blog. When God called me into writing, I laughed, and then cried when I found out that He wasn’t joking. Writing is vulnerable. You dread people reading it, but are petrified of people not.

Thank you for your comments, encouragements, and never-ending support. You have made a fearful girl confident.

God Bless.


Here is the Amazon Link for my book:

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